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Are you having an online business? Well then you cannot ignore a reliable communication system through which you can communicate with your investors, clients or employees. Particularly when your reputation is at stake, an email transmission failure can prove as a great loss to your business and you may even have to lose valuable clients. As important as it is to have proper correspondence through email, equally important is a trustworthy email server though which the emails are sent and received. Netsyss provides the best email hosting services for businesses in Australia. We offer economical email hosting services to businesses or individuals who wish to setup their personal domain name but do not desire to spend their valuable time and money on setting up an internal messaging infrastructure. Our services are beneficial to both small and large enterprises desiring good online image. You will be able to utilize your own domain name for emails and thus will create a better professional image of your company.
Our email hosting services provides the following benefits:

  • High Security: The entire data transition of your business will take place in encryption of industry standards. The scope of unauthorized access to your data from outside sources is thus eliminated
  • Protected IMAP and POP Access: Our email hosting solutions will facilitate secured access to your desktop PCs or laptops via IMAP or POP technology. Your entire email traffic will be sent and received via popular email clients and will undergo high class authentication
  • Optimum Storage: You will get sufficient amount of storage space for each mailbox created for your business. The storage capacity will be enough to accommodate thousands of messages. More storage can also be availed on demand
  • Quick Spam and Virus blocking: Our email hosting solutions will effectively block harmful mails even before they reach your system
  • Shared Address: Easily store contact data and choose from private and shared address book. Also gain access to public network directory services
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