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Powerful Trio of Flash, HTML5 and CSS3

Netsyss is a professional web development company in Australia and it understands the needs of modern businesses. Accordingly, it has adopted the latest software technologies for making your website highly interactive and which experiences excellent user engagement.
For getting optimum interactivity of your website we utilize Flash, HTML5 and CSS3 during the designing of your website as each of these have their exclusive benefits:


Flash exclusive benefits are;

  • Catch visitor attention: Grab viewers’ attention through text and visuals combination for creating a powerful appeal

  • Interactive and expressive touch to your website: Right from the feedback forms to games and movies, add highly interesting and attractive content to your website

  • Effective Communication: Animation or moving visuals not only make your website interactive and interesting, but they also convey your message clearly and ultimately augment your website’s conversion rate

  • Creative Promotion: Mark vital features of your site and creatively promote your products or services through animated flash

  • Cross-browser compatibility: Flash works on all internet browsers. Any user having a flash plug-in can use it. Thus maximum users can see your videos or animated content


HTML5 exclusive benefits are;

  • Versatile and rich media and application support: Embed video and audio, high resolution drawings, charts, animation and other rich content without any plug-in, as the functionality is incorporated into the browser

  • Smart local storage: A breed of regular old cookies and client-side database, it permits storage across multiple windows in the browser, even offline

  • Geo-location support: Find out the location of your target audience and share information with them

  • Mobile friendly: Create mobile website version of your website

  • Semantic Enhancement: Organizes your content, the SEO friendly way. Thus your website will be better discovered by search engines


CSS3 exclusive benefits are;

  • Backward Compatible: Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS3) is separated into different modules in the form of documents and each provides enhanced features than previous versions thus it is completely compatible with earlier CSS versions

  • Flexibility: Attach CSS style information as a separate document, Embed within HTML document, import multiple style sheets from anywhere

  • Easy modification: easily modify individual modules and then integrate with overall system

  • Multiple background image processing: Handle multiple background images for every item

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