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Website Design & Development Process


The way we operate

Step by Step

The following steps outline the methodology we follow when undertaking website design/development projects. For online marketing work please refer to seach engine optimisation and social media marketing pages.

  1. Brief discussion with you to define your business objectives

  2. Submission of our proposal outlining project deliverables, estimate cost, payment terms and timeline

  3. You study the proposal and provide a purchase order if happy to proceed

  4. Email or fax stating your acceptance of our proposal will constitute the purchase order

  5. Our website development Agreement will be provided to you for reviewing

  6. A legal advice can be obtained however; agreement terms are fairly simple to understand

  7. Once agreement is verified, two hard copies one for each party are to be signed

  8. We register a desired domain name (if required) and pending availability

  9. ACN or ABN number is needed to complete domain name registration task

  10. Project payment methods are outlined in our proposal

  11. Payment terms will need to be complied to prior to project commencement

  12. We will determine your personal preference for site layouts, animation and colour theme

  13. Your business offline image to be taken into consideration where necessary

  14. You need to provide name of the site pages so we can determine the site navigation plan (site flow)

  15. You need to provide content (text and images, logo, etc electronically)

  16. We will come up with a basic design as a still image (JPEG format) for your comments and feedback

  17. If you agree on the basic design pending any suggestions we will work towards the final artwork

  18. Once specifications are determined, development of the basic design will commence

  19. Further changes are considered as enhancement and may incur additional cost

  20. Link to our testing web server will be provided to you in due course to track your project progress

  21. Once development phase is completed, the transition (testing) phase will commence

  22. You will be asked to test the site functionality once we complete our testing procedures

  23. Any outstanding fees and training will be met prior to launching your site to the deployment web server

  24. A User Acceptance Form will require your sign-off

  25. Your site will be uploaded to the deployment web server and re-tested for functionality

  26. Site review will be carried out where applicable

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