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Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing cost-effective, superior and reliable web development Sydney services of great value and with a profound focus on customer satisfaction. When we build websites we build them with care and pride.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards. Our mission is to develop websites that produce desirable results. Where possible we have the can-do-attitude to meet almost any online requirement. Put us to the test Today!

Website Phases

As a Web Development Sydney team, the project methodology we follow is flexible enough and could be easily adapted to any website needs. Following such methodology we leave no chance to mistakes which means excellent results for you. Below is brief description of the phases we put any website we develop through from initiation to launch

Website Initiation

Initial discussion to define client’s requirements and present a project brief/proposal for sign-off. We follow the sign-off with a preliminary analysis and audit to fully understand the business goals and the technical, creative and resourcing context in which those business goals need to be set to define the initial requirements.

Website Requirement Analysis

This can be run in parallel to the initiation phase (together) to further develop understanding of the real website requirements.

Website Development Service

This is where we normally can provide client with snap shots of the project specifications i.e. what they will get exactly either via documentation or online links. Development is the construction phase or implementation of the solution defined in previous phases.

Website Testing

We will vigorously test the website and also ask the client to do their own testing. We will test and test and test normally over a week until we both agree the site is ready to be launched.

Website Launch

This is the transition phase where we ensure the website is fully functional and ready to go LIVE. We perform live test to ensure that the website is ready to move from the staging server to the LIVE one. No compromise is permitted on the time needed to properly test the site. Your acceptance sign-off as a project stakeholder will be required and any outstanding payment will be paid to us prior to the website launch.

Website Evaluation

This is to determine that the project and website have met the successful criteria defined in the project specification phase, determine areas that need improvement, analyse website performance, analyse marketing strategy and propose website evolution plan (normally applicable to new projects and additional cost will be incurred subject to conditions).

Website Support

This is to keep the website alive and fresh. Websites that come with Admin Panel maybe managed by owners but if they wish such task can be assigned to us as per our support terms

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